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Booking Request

Thank you for your interest in booking Rev. Melissa Swindle Szinyi.
We have  provided FAQ and our booking form below for your convenience.

How can we have Rev. Melissa Swindle Szinyi come to our church? 
To request that Rev. Melissa come to your church, we require a head pastoral invitation. Please see the form below for all required information to be prayerfully considered. Completing this form will also help us to provide you with as much information as possible. 

What services do churches typically book Rev. Melissa for? 
Typically, Rev. Melissa will preach one week of Revival Meetings. She will typically preach for one Sunday morning service, one Sunday evening service, and an evening service Monday- Friday. In addition to revival meetings Rev Melissa also ministers at Women's Conferences and Bible Schools throughout the year.  When you request to book her using the form below, you will be asked to provide at least 2 different weeks that could work for your schedule. You can view our Ministry Schedule Page HERE to view any current conflicting dates. 

How much does Rev. Melissa charge to come to our church? 
Our ministry does not charge any fee. We cover all of our own expenses, including all travel, and only ask that we are able to receive  a love offering during each service she ministers in, 

Success! Thank you for your invitation. A prompt reply will be sent to you from Melissa's team shortly. Blessings!

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