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About Melissa:

Rev. Melissa Swindle Szinyi is a 2000 Graduate of Rhema Bible Training College in Tulsa, OK. Upon graduating she then attended Domata School of World Missions also located in Tulsa where she cultivated vision for the nations and a nation-taking faith. She served faithfully for seven years at Kenneth Hagin Ministries working in the Prayer & Healing Center where she ministered to the sick and saw tremendous miracles. 

Melissa was a vital part of Eagle Mountain International Church also known as Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, TX for over 13 years. Working side by side with Senior Pastors, George & Terri Pearsons, she has led Healing Team Ministry and pioneering Evangelism and Outreaches both locally and internationally. She has ministered in the nation's of Argentina, Brazil, France, Colombia, India, Kenya and Turkey. Rev. Melissa has been traveling extensively preaching and ministering in churches stateside and internationally as a keynote speaker for women's conferences, ministers conferences, and taught in many Bible schools and training centers equipping the next generation of ministers for the harvest.

Using her God-given leadership skills and coupling them with the strategic skills she previously gained as an executive in the corporate world, she trains staff and leadership teams mobilizing them for Kingdom assignment! Through her inspirational and dynamic teaching ministry she heavily emphasizes “In Christ Realities" making these truths come alive and demonstrates how to put them into practice. She often ministers on the topics of Prayer, How to Receive Divine Healing and The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Her ministry is marked by impartations of the Holy Spirit, boldness, healing and miracles. 



Evangelist Melissa preaches for her good friend and Pastor Andre Valadao at Lagoinha Orlando Church



Spirit of Faith Church Nagaland India

With all Boldness shall I speak your Word.

Bogota Colombia

Bogota Colombia

International Womens Conference



Jesus is coming.. Are you ready?

Fire To Preach the Gospel with Boldness

Pastor's Meeting In Bogota Colombia

What is your assignment

Sharing my testimony and consecrating to the call of God

Spirit of Faith Bible School

Spirit of Faith Bible School

Training and equiping ministers in India from the nations of China, Nepal,Myanmar, and Buhtan to go and take their country for Jesus.

Healings and miracles

People are receiving the Holy Spirit

The Word of God is our standard. It is ALIVE.

Bogota Colombia

Bogota Colombia

Prayer Conference with Pastors Ernesto and Virginia Aleman

Interview in Buenas Aires Argentina

Look to Jesus for the vision and plan for your Church

This is Renbi, He was a student at Spirit of Faith Bible School in Nagaland India

Fire for SOULS

Jesus Christ the same Yesterday, Today, Forever.


Tel: 888.320.3883

640 Taylor Street

Suite 1200 #A101

Fort Worth, Texas 76102


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Ask of Me and I will give you the Nations. 

Psalm 2:8

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